Japanese Online Complete Bundle

Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle:


  • What is the Japanese Online Course Complete bundle?

    The Japanese Online Course Complete bundle includes all of the courses on our platform: Japanese crash course, the beginner and intermediate Akamonkai courses, Kansai-ben, JLPT N3 Prep, Japanese Onomatopoeia and both Japanese business courses. For one price you can do all the courses on our platform plus you save 20% compared to buying individually! Compared to buying the courses individually you also get access to all of the content for much longer. With the bundle, you have access to all the lessons and course materials for a full 18 months compared to how much time you normally have access to the individual courses. This means for courses like the Japanese Crash Course rather than only having 6 weeks access however in the bundle you'll have access to all the content for the full 18 months. This benefit is the same for all the courses included in the bundle.

  • What is the 14-day trial option?

    The 14-day trial includes access to all of the same courses but for a very limited period of time (14 days) to test out all of the different courses and see if the bundle is right for you. During the 14 day trial, you will only have access to the content that is normally available in the first 14 days of access to that course when buying it independently. For example, all lessons for the Japanese crash course are released within the first 14 days so you will be able to access them all, however, for both the 12-week Akamonkai one week’s content is released each week therefore you only have access to the first two weeks of content due to the way the course is released. This is the same for all the courses included in the bundle on the 14-day trial.