• Prerequisites

    We suggest having at least JLPT N5 equivalent knowledge of Japanese before taking this course. If you would like to test your knowledge, take our level check test here.

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Introducing the course


  • Who created the Communica Kansai-ben online course?

    It was created by Go! Go! Nihon in partnership with Communica Institute a Japanese Language School based in Kobe in the Kansai region to help students to learn all about the Kansai dialect and how to use it!

  • How much does the course cost?

    The 7-day course costs 13,781 yen and you have access to the material for 90 days.

  • What is Kansai-ben?

    Kansai-ben is the regional dialect spoken in the Kansai area, this course teaches you the main points about the dialect and the differences from the Japanese used in the rest of Japan!

  • How do the online classes work?

    We have lessons using animation, text files and more to help you learn easily. For some lessons you could be shown a conversation video, other times it might be a quiz, we show you the best materials to help you understand new topics quickly. There are also opportunities for you to create your own videos to share with us so we can check your understanding and progress. We also have a community where you can engage with other students on the same journey as you, ask questions, compare notes and even engage with the course leaders.

  • Can anyone take this course?

    The course was designed for students who would like to learn how to speak using the Kansai dialect and was created for those already have at least a beginner level of understanding, roughly equivalent to JLPT N5, to best explain the main differences. If you haven't reached JLPT N5 yet, why not take the Akamonkai 12-week Online beginner course, designed to get you to JLPT N5 level. You can find it in the All Courses section below.

  • Are there live classes?

    Although you will be able to interact with teachers, Go! Go! Nihon staff and other students through the community, you will not have live classes. The lessons are pre-recorded and created to help you learn as quickly as possible using our online platform but allows you to complete lessons at your own pace.

  • Can I join at any time?

    You can start at any time and you can study at your own pace as you have access to the material for 3 months after you join but the course was designed as a week-long crash course so we recommend trying to do a days material each weekday!

  • Will I get a certificate for finishing a course?

    You will get a certificate from the school when you complete the course, but you need to complete 100% of all of the course lessons in order to receive it.

  • What will I learn?

    See the course curriculum below:


"Most courses only focus on the most common form of Japanese, there are very little resources for Kansai-ben so I was super happy when I found this course!"

by Kendall G.

The fact that the course was solely online made it the best. The structure and content of the were also very well put together and interesting. Adding the little intro to Kansai-ben with the historical background was a nice addition! I plan on using my new knowledge of Kansai-ben with some of my Japanese friends who live in the Kansai area. Possibly even improve on my learned knowledge from this course to be comfortable in speaking the dialect fully.

Course curriculum

    1. Course introduction

    2. Reasons to learn the Kansai dialect

    3. How to use this course

    4. Course Overview

    5. Join the Student Community!

    6. We'd like to know a few things about you, before you begin...

    7. Introduce yourself on Flip!

    1. Day 2 - Introduction

    2. Day 2 - Skit (Shopping)

    3. Day 2 - Skit (Practice)

    4. Day 2 - Lesson (Vocabulary and Phrases)

    5. Day 2 - Repeat

    6. Day 2 - Practice

    7. Day 2 - Summary

    8. Day 2 - Quiz

    1. Day 3 - Introduction

    2. Day 3 - Skit (Weekend Plans)

    3. Day 3 - Skit (Practice)

    4. Day 3 - Lesson 1 (Sentence Endings)

    5. Day 3 - Lesson 2 (Verb Conjugation)

    6. Day 3 - Lesson 3 (Ta-form Verbs)

    7. Day 3 - Repeat

    8. Day 3 - Practice

    9. Day 3 - Summary

    10. Day 3 - Show us!

    11. Day 3 - Quiz

    1. Day 4 - Introduction

    2. Day 4 - Skit (Weekend Plans)

    3. Day 4 - Skit (Practice)

    4. Day 4 - Lesson ("I" Adjectives)

    5. Day 4 - Lesson ("Na" Adjectives and Nouns)

    6. Day 4 - Repeat

    7. Day 4 - Practice

    8. Day 4 - Summary

    9. Day 4 - Show us!

    10. Day 4 - Quiz

    1. Day 5 - Introduction

    2. Day 5 - Skit (Hospital)

    3. Day 5 - Skit (Practice)

    4. Day 5 - Lesson (Vocabulary and Phrases: Two-Syllable Words)

    5. Day 5 - Repeat

    6. Day 5 - Practice

    7. Day 5 - Summary

    8. Day 5 - Quiz

About this course

  • ¥14,470
  • 75 lessons