What is the JLPT N3 Bundle?

This bundle combines the Go! Go! Nihon Intermediate Course and Tokyo Galaxy JLPT N3 Exam Prep Course. In the intermediate course, you will learn materials that cover intermediate-level Japanese grammar points (JLPT N3 level) and take practice test to help you prepare to pass the exam. Perfect for those at JLPT N4 level who want to reach N3 level!

  • Includes a lot of explanation videos, interactive quizzes, and reading materials to have you reach N3 level of Japanese.

  • Allows you to practice the exam format which can be tricky to someone who takes the exam for the first time.

  • Comes with a student community where you can interact with your peers and ask questions directly to the teachers.

  • As long as you have a stable internet, you can access the courses anywhere you want!

You want to check your level?

Take our level-check test before enrolling in the bundle!