What is the zero to JLPT N3 Course Bundle?

If you're serious about learning Japanese, this bundle is the right choice for you. It combines the Akamonkai Beginner course, the Akamonkai pre-intermediate course and the Go! Go! Nihon intermediate course for less compared to purchasing them individually.

  • Go from zero knowledge of Japanese all the way up to learning all the materials needed to be able to pass JLPT N3

  • The course mimics real-life language school with audio- and video lessons, work sheets, grammar slides and even interactive pronunciation checks

  • You can stick to the suggested schedule and finish both courses in 35 weeks or adjust to your circumstances and take them over the course of 18 months.

  • The courses covers Hiragana, Katakana, over 300 Kanji, 2500+ vocab and all grammar points needed for to pass N5, N4 and N3 JLPT levels

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