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Meet some of the instructors!

Soejima sensei

I always wanted to be a Japanese teacher and I've been teaching Japanese for almost 30 years (yes I'm not very young! ^^). I've taught in Japanese language schools and universities. All the teachers that worked to build this course have worked very hard to focus on the Japanese you will be able to use as soon as you come to Japan in everyday life. I am the teacher in charge of answering all the queries and questions in the student community, checking your flipgrid uploads and running private Add-on lessons. I interact daily with students in the community to answer any questions or help solve anyone's doubts.

Ikenobe sensei

I've been teaching for 19 years, all my career in teaching has been at Akamonkai. I've been taught all Japanese levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Until now I have only taught Japanese in class, face to face with students, I am so excited to be able to teach and connect to even more students from all over the world that are not able to be in Japan yet. The strong point of this course is that native Japanese teachers are using Japanese directly to teach students, at the same time we show English explanations and the students can ask their questions in English. The style of our lessons is based on the lessons you would get in a Japanese language school but changed to suit online, we believe that we were able to recreate the same feeling of attending a language school in Japan for our students.

Ihara sensei

I've been teaching Japanese for 5 years. The Akamonkai online course is really easy to use and understand. You can even access the course with your phone, so you can study at any time, anywhere you are! We have different types of videos, Conversation, Grammar explanations, Repetition, Practice to help you learn. We even have lessons where you answer the questions by recording a video of yourself and we review and scoring your video. This is something really special that the Akamonkai course has and you can't really find anywhere else. I think the course's strongest point is that the Japanese used is much more natural than you normally find in textbooks and that we also use English to explain grammar that otherwise could be difficult to understand.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I try the course for free?

    Yes, before committing to buying the course, you can try the first day's lessons for free! Just click the "Free Preview" button. However, you will not be able to access the online community until you have purchased the course.

  • Who created the 12-week Akamonkai Beginner course?

    It was created by Go! Go! Nihon in partnership with Akamonkai Japanese Language School, the largest Japanese Language School In Japan as an introduction to the Japanese language and to help students get ready for studying full time in Japan.

  • How does the online course work?

    We have lessons using video, text files, audio files and more to help you learn easily. For some lessons you could be shown with a conversation video, back up grammar slides and also repetition videos for you to practice with, other times it might be with an audio file and downloadable vocabulary sheet, we show you the best materials to help you understand new topics quickly. There are opportunities for you to create your own videos to share with us so we can check your understanding and progress. We also have a community where you can engage with other students on the same journey as you, ask questions, compare notes and even engage with the course leaders.

  • Are there live classes?

    Although you will be able to interact with teachers, Go! Go! Nihon staff and other students through the community, you will not have live classes. The lessons are pre-recorded and created to help you learn as quickly as possible using our online platform but allows you to complete lessons at your own pace.

  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    You have access to the material for 6 months after you purchase the course. Lessons are released in weekly batches until all 12 weeks are available. You can study at your own pace once the lessons are unlocked. We do recommend trying to do a day's material each weekday as it’s how courses are taught in Japan!

  • Can anyone take this course?

    The course was designed to help get students ready for full-time studies in Japan or get ready to take JLPT N5, but anyone who would like to learn how to speak in Japanese is welcome to take the courses and will find them a very useful introduction to the language.

  • Will I get a certificate for finishing the course?

    You will get a certificate from the school when you complete the course, but you need to complete 100% of all of the course lessons in order to receive it, you have six months from when you sign up to be able to finish all the lessons. Since this certificate is issued by a Japanese language school, it is recognized by the Japanese government.

  • Why does the course cost ¥10,4190?

    Tuition for a 3-month course in a Japanese language school in Japan costs about ¥195,000 on average. Our beginner course follows Akamonkai Language School’s 3-month intensive course base curriculum, with the same high-quality level of learning materials and access to their teachers in our community for further support for less than half that cost. Extensive work has been done to adapt their beginner course to be more effective for online and remote learning so you can reach the same level as you would after 3 months at a Japanese language school from anywhere in the world.

  • What level of Japanese will I achieve?

    Since this course follows the curriculum of a high-intensity Japanese language school, you will reach JLPT N5 (CEFR A1) after completion, if you properly studied all the materials provided. Please see below for the course curriculum.

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Course curriculum

    1. Course introduction

    2. How to use the course

    3. Course Overview

    4. Join the Student Community!

    5. We'd like to know a few things about you, before you begin...

    6. Frequently asked questions

    1. A message from the teachers

    2. Introduce yourself on Flip!

    3. Course Vocabulary Index (Week 1 - 12)

    1. Day 4 - Previous Day Grammar Homework Answers!

    2. Day 4 - Hiragana Practice

    3. Day 4 - Vocabulary

    4. Day 4 Lesson 1 - Video (Talking about breakfast)

    5. Day 4 Lesson 1 - Grammar slides 1

    6. Day 4 Lesson 1 - Video Repetition

    7. Day 4 Lesson 1 - Practice 1

    8. Day 4 Lesson 1 - Grammar slides 2

    9. Day 4 Lesson 1 - Video Repetition 2

    10. Day 4 Lesson 1 - Practice 2

    11. Day 4 Lesson 2 - Video (Talking about this evening plans)

    12. Day 4 Lesson 2 - Grammar slides

    13. Day 4 Lesson 2 - Video Repetition

    14. Day 4 Lesson 2 - Practice

    15. Day 4 Lesson 3 - Video (Talking about homework)

    16. Day 4 Lesson 3 - Grammar slides

    17. Day 4 Lesson 3 - Video Repetition

    18. Day 4 Lesson 3 - Practice

    19. Day 4 - Grammar Homework