What is the Akamonkai Course Bundle?

Akamonkai, one of Tokyo's biggest language schools has teamed up with Go! Go! Nihon to bring their intensive 6-month curriculum to your desktop! Learn Japanese from experienced teachers in our complete, interactive beginner and pre-intermediate courses that will fully prepare you for JLPT N4 level.

  • Learn Japanese from 0 all the way up to JLPT N4 level

  • The course mimics real-life language school with audio- and video lessons, work sheets, grammar slides and even interactive pronunciation checks

  • You can stick to the suggested schedule and finish both courses in 24 weeks or adjust to your circumstances and take them at your own pace

  • The courses cover hiragana, katakana, 250 kanji, more than 2000 vocabulary words and all grammar points needed for everyday life conversations

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